Unusual Port-A-Bach portable container cottage

Port-A-Bach mobile container house with folding terrace

The great advantage of this cottage is its mobility and portability. It can be easily transported, requires little time and effort.

Equipped with all the necessary amenities: double bunk beds, toilet, shower and kitchen. Stylish modern design is a nice addition.

Port-A-Bach is the perfect home for a country vacation in the summer, or for those who can't afford a fancy villa or cottage.

Port-A-Bach portable cottage container with folding terrace
Lounge area in a Port-A-Bach container-cottage
Lounge area in Port-A-Bach cottage-container
Port-A-Bach container-cottage bedroom
Kitchen area of the Port-A-Bach mobile container cottage
The patio of the Port-A-Bach portable cottage-container
Port-A-Bach layout
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