A beautiful old house in Lisbon, Portugal. Project by Tiago Patricio Rodrigues in collaboration with Pura Cal

Each of us has something tangible that we hold most dear. For guests A beautiful country house we present a home that is literally woven of details important to the heart.

Decorative saucer wall decorations
Circular mirrors in the living room
Open shelving for books
White sofa in the living room
Foyer decor in a private apartment
Dining room wall decoration
Round lamp in the hallway
Bright kitchen in a private apartment
A table with a marble surface
Stucco on the bedroom ceiling
Snow white drapes on bedroom windows
Original chandelier in the bedroom

All furniture and objects were carefully assembled by several generations of the family. Each piece has its own history. For example, the bench that serves as a television cabinet is a rarity from my grandparents' country home; a collection of decorative 18th and 19th century Spanish plates has been collected for decades. A huge number of antique drawers, chests of drawers, chairs and tables convey a nostalgic mood and comfort.

Restored oak floorboards and restored stucco ceiling fully recreate the original image.

Bathroom interior in a private home

A beautiful classic interior, lovingly maintained by the owners for themselves and their descendants.

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