A celebration of beauty, family heirlooms and the written word in the mansion of two actors

Living room interior design

The homeowners were surprised how Chantal was able to fit two bedrooms, a bathroom, a loft area with two single beds, a spacious living room, kitchen and dining room into a small space.

Interior design of a living room with a fireplace

The professional managed to masterfully accommodate in a tiny corner full-fledged kitchen area. A good idea was to add built-in shelves above the stove and lots of storage cabinets.

Living room interior design

The master placed a large table in the living room to gather company and read scripts together.

The cottage's outdoor terrace

A hallway leads to the master bedroom, and a staircase leads to the nursery and bath.

Bathroom Interior Design

The couple wished that the guest room could accommodate visitors in chic comfort. The specialist realized their requirement superbly.

Bedroom interior design

In the attic, a small room was made for relaxing and storing family photos. Tinted lighting creates a mysterious atmosphere in this space.

Creative spotlight in the stairwell

Both bedrooms open onto the veranda, which has become Mary's favorite spot. Here you can not only take a break from a busy day, but also enjoy the beauty of the landscaping, which Jessica Thompson worked on.

Cobblestone pathway to the cottage

Dussouchaud has transformed the old barn that used to be here into a wonderful meditation plaza, with breathtaking views of the local outskirts.

Terrace seating area

The biggest challenge was designing the patio because it had to match the character of the main house.

Designing the patio
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