A contemporary country house in a picturesque location – an iconic minimalist project

Tree House contemporary mansion design in Lorne
The design of Tree House Contemporary Mansion in Lorne

Rectangular design allows for a harmonious distribution of interior areas in a clear and simple order. As for the exterior, you can see the conditions under which the architects worked, imagine all the complexities of the idea and its implementation. It stands on uneven ground, but the surrounding eucalyptus trees and the natural landscape look amazing.

The area around the house is small, a lot of attention was paid not to the arrangement of terraces and other landscaping projects, and the preservation of the original casual and organic look patio. A balanced combination of natural and artificial details made it possible to preserve the unique view on private property and hide it behind a high fence from prying eyes.

Tree House contemporary mansion design in Lorna
The design of the Tree House contemporary mansion in Lorne

Simple materials were used in the design of the space, and their clever combination helped to recreate a truly home-like environment with unusual elements. Living room includes two distinct areas: in front of the fireplace or with access to the balcony. The view through the glass is truly spectacular, with a sweeping view of the sea through the eucalyptus bushes. Not to mention the pristine coastal air filled with freshness and purity.

A glass partition was used for a good view, it fills the rooms with natural light and a clean atmosphere. The interior is simple, but complementing it with bright flashes, elegant shapes, curves – there is a perfect image. The snow-white surfaces harmonize with the wooden floor, the presence of the fireplace and the intense lighting only emphasize the individual style.

Living room of Tree House modern mansion in Lorne
The living room of Tree House in Lorna

A bit farther equipped stylish kitchen, Its free work surfaces, smooth transitions from matte coatings to wooden textures, built-in appliances and modular cabinets are in line with modern trends. Additional chic and glitz to the overall look of this area is brought about by the glass inserts and the metallic sheen emanating from the refrigerator.

Kitchen of the modern mansion Tree House in Lorne

Smooth lines and flexible transitions set the tone for the whole space, custom made furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms and other rooms, designed by the individual sketches of the customers. Their creativity and hobbies have influenced the whole project and demanded a creative approach with attention to detail. The result is a wonderful home, comfortable and practical, but with a personal touch that matches the owners' delicate personalities.

The design of a modern mansion Tree House in Lorna
Tree House Contemporary Mansion Design in Lorna

Surrounded by nature and enveloped by the mysterious aura of the seashore, the house has become a cozy family nest. In addition to comfort it has an exquisite charm, which is mostly the merit of the landscape that penetrates inside and fills every nook with the atmosphere of freshness and purity.

Photos: Shannon McGrath.

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