A sophisticated contemporary style residence by Semple Brown Design, Boulder, Colorado

Boulder –is a small town in Colorado. Its population does not exceed 100,000 people (according to the 2006 census). The city is only 45 kilometers from Denver. It is warm for about 300 days a year and as a result is a favorite place for serious athletes.

The city is also notable for the fact that it is considered a student city, students make up one third of its population. The state's largest university, the University of California, is located here, and also hosts the famous Shakespeare Festival.

Panoramic windows of the Kennedy residence

The private residence sits on twelve acres of quiet land on the east side of Boulder. The main concept of the building was to create a quiet and intimate environment within the secluded world of the residents of this beautiful property.

The wooden canopies of the Kennedy residence
The pool at the Kennedy residence
The Kennedy residence main entrance
Stone kitchen walls
Kitchen bar area
Stone finish bathroom wall

One wing of the building houses the heart of the home – its kitchen, beautiful dining room and porch that overlooks the backyard of the home, as well as the living room with a beautiful view of the courtyard.
Walking into another wing of the building, you enter the beautiful children's rooms and a secluded bedroom, at the end of the long stone building. This part of the house is more private and secluded, with enclosed spaces.

The third wing of the building is framed by a stone wall that curves around the garage, playroom, barn and guest bedroom.

In the center of the courtyard of this beautiful home is a beautiful pool for relaxing and entertaining.

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