A unique Australian natural wood country residence near Sydney –s St. Joseph’s home. Alban’s by Rory Brooks Architects, Australia

Rory Brooks Architects designed the original St. Mary's home in Melbourne, Australia. Alban's, designed for relaxation from everyday life, located in Hawksbury New South Wales on the Australian mainland, about 50 km north-west of Sydney. The residence is situated in a unique location with spectacular views of the picturesque valley.

Dear readers of Forum City, you will certainly agree with the following statement: it is wonderful to have the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the atmosphere of peace, enjoying the closeness to nature. All the better if it's a colorful Australian landscape.

Contemporary Wooden House

The walls are made mostly of wooden beams laid in two rows for better insulation. Visually, the house is securely tucked away among the trees and blends seamlessly into the natural environment, preserving its pristine purity. In line with the customer's wishes, the residence consists of two pavilions, one for living purposes only and the other for recreational purposes.

Backyard walkway

Also in the building is a special place for a home library, from the windows of which you can spend hours contemplating the surroundings. The design takes into account the wind patterns and position of the sun, so you can maximize the use of natural ventilation in hot weather and solar heating in cold seasons. These calculations result in very low electricity consumption. Awnings and wooden shutters help keep the rooms cool on hot days. It was completed in April this year, and takes into account all the latest developments in eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction of this type of building.

Sun room
Wooden interior
House Project
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