A unique project of an elite villa with a swimming pool on a complex plot

JC Residence exterior by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió
Exterior of JC Residence by MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió
JC Residence site plan

The residence has two levels, each of them touching the ground with over 30 degrees of slope in certain points. The upper part of the house has a communicating street side with the outside. At the same time, panoramic windows and doors of the lower level open onto a secluded garden, securely sheltered by the building from prying eyes.

Interior of the living room JC Residence
JC Residence layout
JC Residence layout plan

The monochrome is another feature of this project. The exterior of the villa is kept in white, contrasting with the black frames of the windows. The interior decoration seems even more ascetic as the concrete floor and ceiling are stripped of any finish. Against this backdrop, the glazed tiled bathroom provides an abode of luxury and comfort.

Interior of the kitchen JC Residence
Stylish bathroom design JC Residence

The apparent simplicity of the villa's design is due to the architects' desire to focus on the picturesque Mediterranean landscape.

The project as a whole supports the idea that the area allocated for the construction of the house, is more than just a range for the implementation of the author's idea. According to this concept, it is the characteristics of the landscape in conjunction with the wishes of the client to determine the direction of design.

Photo: Jordi Surroca.

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