A unique solution for mini condominiums

H-Apartment is a private property located in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was commissioned in 2014.

Vietnam condo interior design
Interior design of a condominium apartment in Vietnam
Interior Design of a condo in Vietnam
Interior Design of a condo in Vietnam

Recently, the construction of mini condominiums in Hanoi has become a solution to housing problems for people with low and middle income. Thanks to this, residents can own property in a cramped neighborhood in Hanoi.

The owners of this apartment are among them. They are a young couple with an 8-year-old daughter. After receiving the apartment, the family faced some problems and in hopes of a design solution, they turned to an architectural studio to improve the quality of their home by renovating it.

The designers and owners quickly found common ground on a new style of apartment, deciding to provide natural light, ventilation and fun elements for the interior, all at a reasonable cost considering the owners' income.

To realize what they had in mind, the designers changed the walls in the kitchen and bathroom and toilet, using oak dividers instead of brick ones. This gave them the space they needed.

Much attention was paid to the interior doors, replacing the usual paneling with several flexible parts. This limited the public space from the personal space and provided the necessary ventilation.

The plan before the renovation
Model apartment

Information about this project was provided by Adrei-studio architecture for the readers of the resource Beautiful Country House.

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