Amazing and delightful Berri Residence by naturehumaine, Montreal Canada

Forum City presents Berri Residence – a modern reconstruction of a building from the 40's. This project was created last year by naturehumaine architects. Now a private home, the building has undergone a major transformation. In particular, the kitchen, bedroom and dining room were renovated and new spaces were added. A young couple with a strong passion for modern architecture wanted to improve their duplex, which was built in the 1940s. The striking design is on Berri Street in Montreal, Canada.

A miniature stylish house
Vineyard Porch

The main goal of the architects was to create a spacious and comfortable dining room, which would be the heart of the house and where it would not be shameful to invite guests. Not far from this dining room, on the first floor, there is a remodeled kitchen. The master bedroom with a great view of the lush garden is a little lower. Despite the use of wood cladding, the home inspires a sense of lightness and luxury. Huge glass walls serve as a gorgeous panoramic window. It is worth mentioning that alongside the building there is a lovely tree whose view you can enjoy ad infinitum

Stylish kitchen design
Neutral bedroom
Home before renovation
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