Amazing light and airy Mexican cottage in Mexico City by BGP Arquitectura

Once again, our fascinating forum invites its readers to take a fascinating journey through some of Mexico's finest homesteads. This uniquely designed studio house is located in the nation's capital.

Wood in a Mexican manor house
A tree in a homestead in Mexico
The exterior of a farmhouse in Mexico
Interior of the Casa Casa homestead in Mexico
Interior of a Mexican Manor
Interior of a Mexican Manor House
The staircase in a Mexican manor house
Mexico homestead plan
Mexico Homestead Plan

The building's incredible structure –the balconies and stairs surround the building. Unseen until now – the whole facade of the building can be seen through the air, leaning on the snow-white lattice railings. This is a – a dream house for lovers of open spaces and for those who can not leave their house for walks in the fresh air.

The residence is a chain of buildings connected by intricate staircases with beautiful steps. A striking feature is the ubiquitous batten – windows, cornices, balconies, stairwells. The lattices, as well as the window and door profiles, are made in a modern plastic style, which will surprise passersby who have only seen the conservative exterior façade. The dominance of cool whites and grays visually increases the already considerable space of the rooms, and this focus creates an additional sense of space and expanse.

Floor design in the rooms, which is an imitation of a cold concrete surface, made of special boards. Finishing the ceilings also consistent with the overall mood: they are not at all planked and kept the original form of supporting structures and beams, and were only painted in the ubiquitous here a light shade. One of the rooms is furnished according to classic Mexican decoration. National motifs and flavor bring her spirit to life. The pure pale wood furnishings dilute the icy atmosphere. Designer modern modular furniture elements elegantly match the plastic railing.

The patio is ringed by the walls of the house and, like a miracle, in the very center of it there's a huge old tree whose branches reach up into the sky well above the roof as if breaking free from the captivity of the stone and plastic.

Designed by BGP Arquitectura.

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