An example of modern German architecture: a natural stone cottage

Landscaping of the cottage
Stone cottage facade
Panoramic windows of the cottage

Designed specifically for one family, this cozy abode fits admirably into the surrounding garden landscape.

Even the projecting roof of the upper floor doesn't obstruct neighboring buildings. For the same reason, the façade of the structure is pushed back as it were.

Cottage Library

Above is the master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and study.

Under the roof of the house there is the previously mentioned music room which was designed according to all laws of acoustics.

Each room has its own view of the street, different from the others. Modern interior design successfully echoes the panoramic views of the surrounding scenery.

The appearance of the house is also interesting. From the side it looks like a toy composition of the cubes, but created not by human hands, but by nature itself.

The first floor is wholly made of natural stone. This material was also the main decorative feature of the whole house, both inside and out.

A cozy and stylish courtyard has not been ignored either.

Numerous plants of different heights and colors form a whimsical composition, once again emphasizing the stark beauty of the stone facade.

Apparently, according to the designers, this is exactly how a modern European building should look like.

Cottage plan
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