An original dwelling house with an unusual layout on a complex site

When designing any building architects, along with functionality and comfort, pay much attention to the expressiveness of its forms. Someone tries to ennoble the architectural facades with rich finishes, but most often, perhaps, designers try to surprise with luxurious intricate forms. An example of such work is the Casa Wo residence, discussed in this topic “Beautiful Country House”.

Casa Wo private home in Israel
Casa Wo private home in Israel

Most modern apartment and house designs involve the use of eco-friendly finishing materials. And Casa Wo is no exception. Its luxurious facades were made mainly of stone and concrete, which was also dictated by the need to get a building that is in harmony with the neighboring.

But, of course, a large proportion are made of glass and wood, as the house has a large number of panoramic windows and many of them are equipped with shutters.

Casa Wo private house in Israel
The main entrance of the private house Casa Wo
The staircase to the second floor of Casa Wo
Casa Wo private home interior design
Interior design of a living room
Designer chairs in the Casa Wo dining room

The architects' decision to place the living room between the dining room and the kitchen is a bit surprising. Of course, we can assume that this was justified by the desire to evenly distribute the shades in space, as this part of the room is the richest: both the furniture, and the carpet, and appliances in dark colors very clearly indicates the boundaries and at the same time unites the lighter areas in a single composition.

It's also worth paying attention to how subtly the interconnectedness of the rooms has been emphasized. In the living room you can notice some things that seem to be out of the general style of its design: a neat little table with a snow-white tabletop looks more like a part of the kitchen set. And two chrome chairs with brown and white upholstery seem to combine the openwork of the dining room furniture and the warmth of the original coffee table's wood.

The dining area at Casa Wo
Living room interior with a panoramic window
Interior of the living room area

By the way, being in the dining room you can see a small fragment of the upper level, where there are three rooms for children, a large bedroom of the parents, bathrooms, and a fairly large loggia, the inner walls of which are made of glass.

It is worth mentioning that the elaborate lighting design of the interior is so unusual that on the second floor many constructions are transparent: partitions, railings, panoramic windows. We can also assume that the interiors of all the rooms look just as stylish as the one below, as you can tell from the design of one of the bathrooms.

Casa Wo floor plan
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