An unusual design of a huge modern house with a gorgeous courtyard

Center Court Villa private residence in India

The client needed a home for personal living to be built on 2.5 hectares of land. The plan had to include six bedrooms, an open living area, and a large entertaining space. The client chose to move toward a modern aesthetic, and informed the architects that the building needed to have crisp horizontal lines, sculptural rectangular shapes, panoramic glazing, and sliding screens to create the desired visual delight.

The Courtyard of Center Court Villa in India

The east side is occupied by formal programs such as the entrance foyer, living room and dining area. They are mostly single-story volumes with high ceilings. A wood and steel bridge structure over a reflecting pool combines a driveway with a hallway.

Access to the dwelling is shaded by an extended canopy. The other part, which opens to the West, is private. All bedrooms and family areas in this area occupy two floors. They are positioned in a way that brings windows out onto the lawn, thereby maintaining privacy for the occupants.

Courtyard of Center Court Villa in India

The dining area is combined with a central courtyard leading to an outdoor pond, to a patio at the front of the formal living room and bar. Opposite the dining room, on the other side, there's a multimedia area. With the projection screen on the end wall, you can see not only the yard, but also your dining area.

The building's west-facing block helps shade/cool the central patio throughout the summer. This combined with the pool itself creates a chilled microclimate in the center, further enhancing the natural ventilation of the house with this space.

Stairs in home interior design

Both floors are connected by a central double height staircase with sculptural elements. This wing forms the main passageway connecting the two masses to the east and west. A striking white staircase with floating steps and glass railing stands out against the white wall, making the space minimalist and very calm.

Part of the house with double-height ceilings has full glazing on both sides overlooking the rectangular pool. Walking through the space, you can feel both here and there, as if you were walking through the surrounding area.

Bathroom interior design by DADA Partners in India

The interior has a strong relationship with the exterior, and the choice of materials played a role in two worlds. The interior space is intentionally very minimalist. With views in all directions, large glass windows exhibit a landscape orientation to provide the visual experience the client originally requested.

Center Court Villa private residence in India

Center Court Villa private residence courtyard in India
Center Court Villa private residence in India
Center Court Villa private residence in India
Center Court Villa private residence in India
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