Arca house: a creative project of family housing in a modern style

The plot of land next to the house

First, the site where the work was to be done is close to the local airport and railroad tracks. We felt that by creating a residential structure on the basis of an "industrial" hangar, we get rid of the feeling of being squeezed between two infrastructure giants – the railroad and the airport.

Second, the corrugated galvanized steel used for this cottage is a very economical material. Finally, we all enjoyed building a house with as little load-bearing structure as possible. In addition, it helped to place all the "public" premises of the cottage on one spacious area.

Modern kitchen set

The cottage sits on about three hectares of land; the building is surrounded by forest. This natural boundary allows you to make the living space open, and it helps us not to care about the privacy of the owners: it will be cozy, and prying eyes can not disturb the peace of the inhabitants.

We made the site more voluminous by "drowning" the yard and driveway, so we were able to turn the ground floor into a well-lit and well-appointed space. At the same time, this solution had a practical basis: cool air will circulate, maintaining a moderate temperature in the room.

The original wooden staircase

The arc house consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, and open common area. A staircase, kitchen counter, and other low interior components complete the cozy setting. Planning feature is such that customers can increase the number of living rooms on their own.

We also made sure that the cottage does not require very expensive maintenance: geothermal and highly efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems, high U-factor glazing, SIP panels and green roof – all this helps to reduce energy costs”.

Bedroom with a view of the land

A bedroom with a beautiful view of the courtyard

Modern bathroom interior design

Calming bathroom design

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