Authentic modernity in a small cottage design project

The exterior of the Kawate Residence in Gifu

Visitors to “Beautiful Country House”shouldn't refuse the opportunity to see the home of a middle-class family. It is believed that even the poorest inhabitant is sure to find in his abode a place to arrange a small garden, which will certainly take care of. In our case, there is a vegetable garden and a modest rice check where the homeowners give their efforts to the land.

The exterior of the Kawate Residence in Gifu

This was made possible by installing the walls of the structure on cantilevered vertical beams, reinforced with tension cables, which allowed the basement to be slightly shifted inward compared to the upper floor and to encompass its perimeter with a glazing width of 1.4 .

Interior design of Kawate Residence
Kitchen island with white surface

The second floor is just a section of space under the roof. This solution gave the occupants of the cottage a living room with a ceiling height of more than 6 meters.

Kawate Residence white kitchen interior
White stairs to the second floor
Kawate Residence floor plan

Floor plan

You can spend an afternoon relaxing or watching TV comfortably seated in a lounge chair.

The exterior of Kawate Residence in Gifu
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