B1 & B2 – German Practicality in Scandinavian Design Hagen, Germany

In today's story, we will introduce you to the decoration of the residence B1& B2, which was designed and implemented by the specialists and engineers of the design bureau Zamel Krug Architekten in a German city Hagen. Let's have a look at the presented inspiring photography and pay attention to the delightful solutions and ideas implemented in this unique fabulous masterpiece.

Home B1 and B2 is a unique engineering project that was developed and implemented by the talented professionals and designers of the design bureau Zamel Krug Architekten. It is located in a picturesque and charming town Hagen, Germany. Two houses have a similar structure, architectural execution and internal layout, and they are located in close proximity to each other. Extraordinary House Elevated in a very picturesque and amazing location, surrounded by green trees, stunning vegetation and natural landscape, which brings a sense of freedom and openness to the atmosphere of the interior. The buildings are located next to the driveway, from which they are connected by an enclosed carport and a white sophisticated fence, allowing for a unique privacy of interior life.

Canopy area

The back of the residence, which faces the patio, has an extremely open and striking execution, allowing the comfortable interior to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. The landscaping and garden courtyard have been decorated in an interesting and original stylistic manner, which offers a cozy and attractive environment for relaxation, quiet work and the tranquil enjoyment of nature. A luxurious lawn, lavish greenery, stunning floral arrangements and equipped body of water bring a magnetic charm to the atmosphere of the apartments.

Entrance Area

Separates the plot of land from the surrounding landscape with a small fence, which was made with a metal mesh with translucent coating, which harmoniously combines the natural surroundings with the home atmosphere. Along the fence were arranged miniature clubs with floral arrangements that fill the air with a special fragrance and incomparable aroma. Wooden area near the modern art the pond provides an opportunity for family members to take air and sun baths and spend time with benefit.

Kitchen interior design

Practical table Allows the owners of the apartment in a comfortable and convenient environment to do household and household chores. Panoramic window décor brings an abundance of sunlight and natural warmth to the room, which envelops the room in a magnificent glow and shimmering brilliance. A dazzling system of illumination was presented in the building by spotlights mounted on the ceiling, which fills the decoration with soft and muted light.

Top view of the dining area

Notice how spectacular and incredible it looks interior design on the first floor of a modern home. An abundance of glass and light planes fills the environment with light, solar warmth and a magnetic atmosphere. The floor surface in this space was tiled with interesting tiles with a textured surface and a gray performance in the form of natural stone. The walls have been finished in pastel beige, which visually expands the area and provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the original furnishings.

Interior design of dining area

Light wall and ceiling surfaces in the interior of the apartment blend beautifully with the textured wood finish of the long dining table and the black accents in the décor Designer furniture and ultramodern garniture, which brings a special creativity and originality to the atmosphere of the living space. The guest lounge has been equipped on the opposite side of the kitchen. It is equipped with an amazing set in the form of armchairs and couches, decorated with elegant black leather upholstery and a sparkling chrome frame.

Dining area interior design

The second tier features sleeping quarters and private corners for family members to hide their lives from prying eyes and create great privacy in the apartment. A miniature and sleek bridge, in black metal and dark textured wood, acts as a unifying element between the public and private areas.

Interior design of the dining area

Stairs to the second floor of the house Has a refined and splendid construction, which stands out sharply against the snow-white background due to its dark and saturated finish.

Bathroom interior design

Facing of walls was made with snow-white paint, which visually expands the space and effectively harmonizes with the dark-brown window openings.

Sinks in the interior

The decor of the front of the house was realized in a relaxed and natural manner. Abundant panoramic window openings and textured wall cladding adds a special expressiveness and flavor to the living space. Magnificent balcony was equipped on the second floor, which allows the owners to contemplate the picturesque and expressive landscape of the surrounding area.

B1 & B2 Country House in Germany

Interesting house design B1& B2 from the studio Zamel Krug Architekten is the perfect way to decorate your own apartment in an attractive and striking style that exudes magnetism and incredible warmth thanks to its original and exceptional design.

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