Bay House Residence – an amazing harmony of modern minimalism and wildlife

Unusual Bay House

From the street side, the facade of the Bay House looks monumental and really stunning, in addition, it looks great against the background of green vegetation.

Private courtyard wicket

Large wooden doors lead to a charming porch, conveying all the charm and uniqueness landscaping Zen.

Exquisite Melbourne backyard

Living rooms are located on the lower level with an open floor plan, while the upper level is equipped with bedrooms and private space.


The open terrace acts as a bridge between the large green courtyard area and the striking swimming pool, which is the ideal place for the owners to spend beautiful summer evenings enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.


A dazzling lighting system brings exhilaration and warmth to the apartments after sunset.

House with a swimming pool

The bar by the sun terrace and bathing area is an incomparable place to relax, enjoy the natural scenery, have a good time and unwind. It's lined with panoramic glass windows and has an open floor plan.

Sliding doors in the living room

The living room, combined with the kitchen and dining area, is minimalist. Wall Art and ceiling are finished in a snow-white palette that blends beautifully with the light textured wood on the floor and in the furnishings.

Kitchen with frosted front

A dazzling illumination system fills the room with a soft diffused glow that gently envelopes the superb decorations.

Kitchen / Living Room

Precise shapes and geometric silhouettes keep the decor elegant and sophisticated, perfect for restful and serene relaxation.

Bright spacious living room with brown sofa

Intelligent wooden staircase to the second floor of the house with its plastic and delicate silhouette, wonderfully emphasizes the character and mood of a relaxing and quiet home.

Bed on a podium in the bedroom

The design of the Bay House is a great example of how to transform the exterior of the building and its interior decoration with original concepts and bold solutions.

As it shows interior photography – It's the perfect modern home with style, sensibility and affluence!

Photo credit: Urban Angles.

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