Bold, minimalist design for a luxurious residence in a nature reserve

In 2009, Edward Fitzgerald Architects completed the modern Oblio House residence. It is located in New Mexico, on the outskirts of the Cedar Crest Preserve. The area itself is the ideal environment for living: no infrastructure, no buildings or civilization, only the harmony of nature and beautiful landscapes. The quiet seclusion was the starting point of a modern functional dream home that provides its owners with a cozy island where they can relax physically and emotionally from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The exterior of the residence Oblio House
The exterior of the Oblio House residence

The work began with the creation of the exterior, which is closely related to the terrain. The first phase – laying the foundation, the most important in the process, because the site has a rather asymmetrical slopes. The sequence formed a facade consisting of two parts, but each of them does not look separate, only slightly different. Visual separation did not impede the harmonious blending of the structure into the landscape.

The overall look is neat and doesn't disturb the natural balance. A very advantageous location saved designers from landscaping project, because the adjacent territory is used as a courtyard, which was not affected by urbanization. Traditional stucco and rusted metal sheets for wall panels were used in the finishes, and it is these that give the specific color that draws the eye and so appropriately blends in with the surroundings.

The residence is completely cut off from public utilities, so individual systems have been incorporated into the project to help it function fully. The main emphasis is on passive sources, which provide electricity, water, and ventilation to the residence. Rainwater is collected in underground cisterns for both personal use and site irrigation.

The exterior of Oblio House Residence

Built on a steep hill, the house has its own design features. The main entrance is on the top floor and leads to the main living rooms, which have access to the terrace, and also to the private rooms, which are more isolated and have a large privacy step. A staircase runs between two walls acting as a barrier between two worlds.

Once inside, the viewer has a free space with an elegant and modern interior design, large areas of glazing overlooking the nature reserve. The lower level aligns on an axis with the southern elevation, it crosses the orthogonal geometry of the lower living room.

Interior of Oblio House Residence
The interior of the residence Oblio House
The interior of Oblio House Residence

A stunning hilly stretch of nature preserve in New Mexico was the perfect setting for a modern home. The open plan with functional areas and relaxed atmosphere is designed according to the individual needs of the owners who prefer to see at their disposal not only luxurious apartments, but also comfortable and charming decor with laconic motives and stylish silhouettes.

A spacious residence with rich interiors and elegant design is seen as a cozy island designed for a small family who prefers the perfect harmony of nature to the concrete jungle of the big city. Surrounded by organic scenery, customers are able to enjoy a piece of nature at their disposal.

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