Brushytop Country House by John Grable Studio – the best place to contemplate the sunset, Texas

Brushytop Country House design in the US
Brushytop country home design in the United States

The house has a spacious living room, bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen with dining area, bathroom, terraces. A spacious garage is provided, with sliding lattice gates hinting at a Wild West ranch.

Brushytop country house garage in the United States

Designed with the hot and arid local climate in mind. Thanks to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors, the interior spaces seem to merge with the outside world while remaining protected from the scorching sun and wind-blown sand.

Decoration of the house is simple but refined, in a modern style. Only high quality natural materials were used in the decoration of rooms. Natural desert colors of sandy, gray, beige, and terra cotta predominate. Comfortable minimalist furniture, modern appliances, decorative elements, selected with fine taste and a sense of proportion contribute to a full relaxation. The laconicism and restraint of the interior is more than compensated by the magnificent landscape "peeking" through the wide windows, creating a feeling of merging with nature.

Brushytop country house design in the United States
Living room of Brushytop country house in the USA
Brushytop country home kitchen in the United States
Kitchen and dining room of the Brushytop country house in the USA
Cabinet of Brushytop country house in the USA

The bedrooms, equipped with ceiling fans, and the comfortable powder rooms are on the shady side of the building, ensuring coolness and comfort during the holidays.

The bathroom of a Brushytop country home in the United States
Brushytop country house bathroom in the U.S

In the evenings, everyone in the family can enjoy the magical sight of the coral-red disk of the sun majestically hiding behind the horizon.

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