California’s Havelock Masterpiece by renowned developer Havelock, Del Rey, CA

Havelock Residence in California, USA
Havelock Living Room Interior Design
Interior design of a living room in a Havelock detached house
Kitchen interior design in Havelock
Interior design kitchen in Havelock
Breakfast Area Decoration
Bedroom interior design at Havelock
Light-colored bedroom
Havelock Interior Paintings
Havelock Residence Bathroom Interior Design

We present to your attention, dear visitors of Forum City, a special selection of photos of a unique masterpiece of architectural and interior ideas.

Located project in Del Rey, California, USA. It's a personal residence by Havelock, designed by Kenihan Development. Currently on the market for $849,000. And believe me, this structure is worth even more!

Extraordinarily practical, but at the same time creatively sprawling flight of fancy team of creators has allowed us to observe now the most delightful by their solutions contrasts! There's the amazing work of the landscape designer, and the architect's great sense of space, and an extraordinarily stylish interior design without compromising functionality.

Stone, plastic, wood, metals, styling materials. Everything was actively used to create the overall composition. Laminate flooring, wooden tables and chairs. Active turnover of the elements of high-tech, references to the modernism and conceptualism. The application of standards and the introduction of active future trends merge to make the home in its own way cozy and enjoyable.

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