Casa Del Agua is an unusual and sophisticated house by Almazan by Arquitectos Asociados in Jalisco, Mexico

Composition of plants along the path to the house
Big tree and stone in the interior
Wooden furniture in a home office
Wooden staircase between levels
Long dining table in the dining room
Wicker furniture on the terrace

Casa del Agua's main design element is water. Starting from the entrance, it flows gently throughout the building. Water inspires and influences the comfort of the rooms. High ceilings and living gardens give an even greater sense of space and make the most of the sunlight. The house has two floors and a basement. This balance was made possible thanks to the correct calculations of the architects. On the first floor there is a 17 meter long wooden terrace. There's a fountain and water around it.

Illuminated swimming pool behind the glass walls of the house
A small terrace by the pool with a Jacuzzi
Evening illumination of the mansion

The design is by Arquitectos Asociados' Almazan.

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