Casa Ming urban residence by LGZ Taller de Arquitectura, Monterrey, Mexico

Casa Ming residence pool terrace in Mexico

An interesting and perfectly realized solution from the very beginning: the special constructions that visually increase the volume of the house, as well as the finishing touches. And it doesn't feel like an unnatural addition, but rather like a very appropriate part of the whole residence ensemble. The passageways and corridors serve the same purpose: they increase the perceived volume by opening up visual perspectives of distant spaces. The internal layout looks simple but has been designed with care. From every part of the house, you can see the patio with the pool, as well as the greenery.

The corridor of Casa Ming residence in Mexico
The interior of the dining room at Casa Ming in Mexico
The staircase of Casa Ming in Mexico
The bathroom at Casa Ming, Mexico
Living room interior at Casa Ming, Mexico
The patio of the Casa Ming residence in Mexico
Living Wall of Casa Ming residence in Mexico
Casa Ming Mexico pool terrace
Casa Ming Mexico pool deck
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