Charming residence full of warmth and light – House in Uenoshiba in Sakai by Fujiwaramuro Architects

The facade of the private house House in Uenoshiba

By creating a trail of plants and light bulbs running from the outside inwards and through the center of the building, the architects were able to offer the client a design that supported a certain degree of openness. This band or path splits the building in two, ensuring that the appropriate light enters the interior from the south-facing façade. It also functions as a "way" to cut through the center of the building.

The living room is positioned so that residents can enjoy the presence of this "green belt" throughout their day. It creates a cosmic sense of spaciousness and homeliness at the same time. In some places, plants gracefully curving, carry the hue of a garden paradise, and some rooms resemble lodges on century-old trees.

The atmosphere of the house and invites to live here dreamers or people with a large family, where the kids could play.

Private House in Uenoshiba main entrance
Private House in Uenoshiba with Glass Ceiling
Ceiling decoration House in Uenoshiba
Living room interior design
Living room interior design
Living room interior design
Private House in Uenoshiba
Private House in Uenoshiba floor plan
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  1. Teagan

    This house sounds absolutely delightful with its description of being “full of warmth and light”, but I’m curious to know more. What specific design elements contribute to the charm? How does the architecture utilize natural light to create a welcoming atmosphere in the residence? Could you provide any additional details about the layout or unique features that make this house stand out?

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