Charming Villa Showcases – a sparkling architectural gem in Tel Aviv

Visitors to this popular portal will find it interesting that Tel Aviv is a very densely populated city. And the space for construction is almost impossible to find. This gorgeous residence Built on 300 square meters in a cozy area of the city, with an exclusive combination of spacious interior. It ensures the privacy of the owner's personal life.

The facade of the house is decorated with slats that protect the bedroom windows from prying eyes. The design by Tula Amir Architecture combines a soft Mediterranean style with clean lines to create an exceptionally interesting design solution.

Living room interior design
Panoramic windows in the living room overlooking the pool
Glass wall of the inside of the house
Black and white kitchen-dining room interior
The snow-white staircase to the second floor of the house
Bathroom interior design
Decorating the facade with wooden slats
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