Chic and glittery: an attractive and elegant cottage with an outdoor pool

Geraldine Street Cottesloe exterior
Geraldine Street Cottesloe courtyard pool

Behind the glass partition, which can easily be removed, there is a world of harmony and homeliness with an attractive and modern interior design, elegant decor. The house is dominated by white, with only a few contrasting tones.

Organic textures were also added to the look: luxurious granite, noble wood, natural stone. The picture is creatively combined, but at the same time the look of the room is balanced and easy to see.

Modern interior design of the living room

Huge kitchen located directly in front of the access to the terrace. Large sliding partition allows the interior and exterior to merge. Here is also formed an interesting play of textures and colors: glossy facades of stylish furniture, massive granite, organic wood, piquant reflections of metal.

Built-in appliances are selected for the ergonomic interior, allowing for a sleeker, more delicate and sensual look.

Stylish kitchen with an island
Modern kitchen interior design

The design of the staircase is created with unwavering swagger. Wood, metal and glass merge to form an amazing picture where at first sight the stairs seem to float in the air.

Good lighting in this area is provided both by the basic color scheme, dazzlingly white, and by the panoramic windows that let in natural light, which is playfully reflected on the walls and shiny surfaces.

Stylish bathroom with panoramic windows
Bathroom interior design
Bathroom interior design

Stylish, elegant, modern villa created as a dream home, where functionality, great interior and noble textures combine in a single image. Granite countertops, organic wood, shiny facades, textured fabrics – this is the home of a young family who received a cozy home, a refuge where harmony, comfort and splendor reign.

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