Chic design of Medic’s House

The patio of Medic's House in England

 Please note that the upper level extension was built using only wood materials and insulation.

This allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the structure and eliminated the need for additional lower supports. This is where the bedrooms are located. Some of the windows are frosted and cast a pleasant, muted light.

The layout of the second level of Medic's House in England

Second floor plan

In addition to them, there are two bathrooms on the floor, presented in a traditional monochrome style. Don't tell me you couldn't live in a black and white sterile environment. The rooms are uniform. Huge rectangular mirrors, spotlights, and a masonry wall.

Medic's House bathroom in England

 Quite unusual arrangement of showers in the form of a partitioned transparent partition with a drain. In the great room it can be moved to the side like a door.

The diffuser is installed in the ceiling panel, which resembles an ordinary country shower in an updated look. Nearby bathtub. The room has large window openings.

Bathroom with a Medic's House window in England

 The two-color theme continues into the kitchen and dining room, where a short corridor leads from the entrance.

Medic's House kitchen area design in England
The Medic's House Dining Room Kitchen in England
Medic's House kitchen area in England
The facade plan of Medic's House in England
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