Clean architectural organization of a private home in the iconic 50’s style

Forum City is sure you'll love this unique installation under the glorious sun Tamboerskloof on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa – An eclectic concrete and glass villa designed by the studio Antonio Zaninovic. Sam Zaninovic from Chile and now resides in the Cape Town, where his firm is located.

Residence Ross House is designed for a family who lived for a long time in London, and after the lapse of time expressed a desire to settle in their homeland. The style has been taken as an example Case Study Houses, associated with the famous works of architects, experimented in California from the mid-1940s to the 1960s. The designer designed the L-Shaped building with a pavilion surrounded by large, sliding glass doors that open outward.

A transparent block houses the entrance, which leads directly into a single concentrated space with the living room, dining room and kitchen.Through TV-hall and library becomes available another wing in two floors and a classic volume.

On the ground level are the children's rooms, which have a connection with the inner garden. The attic-like top floor is all at the parents' disposal. With a pointed, airy ceiling divided by a low wall into a bedroom, reading compartment and unusual bathroom. For the decoration, objects and furniture from the mid-twentieth century were chosen, with a modern emphasis on photographs and paintings.

Interior of the Ross House residence in South Africa
Ross House interior in South Africa
Interior of the Ross House in South Africa
Interior design of the Ross House residence in South Africa
Interior design of the Ross House residence in South Africa
The interior of the Ross House residence in South Africa
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