Conceptual design for an amazing country house with glass walls

The innovative Cristal House was designed by Gómez De La Torre& Guerrero as a project with a spatial perception. The design of the building pleasantly surprised – on an openwork parallelepiped of glass stands a massive concrete ceiling with sliding elements which, when open, create the illusion of total transparency of the walls.

A beautiful combination of colors in the interior of the Cristal House
The pleasantly soft colors of the furniture in the Cristal House
Sun loungers on the grounds of the Cristal House mansion contribute to the relaxation and beautiful view around
Harmonious combination of colors for the Cristal House with a beautiful swimming pool
The brilliant lighting of the Cristal House
Detailed sketch of the first floor layout of the Cristal House

The 270 m2 residence is organized around a central living room with a second light – the separate volumes integrated into the landscape are designed on three levels. The main compositional emphasis is made on the upper terrace under the sliding roof of aluminum and polycarbonate, which houses an elongated swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. There's an alternative route up the exterior staircase.

Detailed sketch of the layout of the entire plot of the Cristal House
The sketch above shows the social area - kitchen with pantry, apartment and open veranda
Sketch of all possible uses for the Cristal House
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