Conceptual minimalism in concrete in a superb luxury villa project

Nice to see you on a popular forum. Today we are going to meet the architect Guilherme Torres and his unique design, a house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to many experts, being in this luxury villa, You can't help but notice how easily emotions come alive and moods are elevated. The craftsman created 500 square meters of floor space in a pastoral setting.

Villa Deca Residence Design

He wanted to fully integrate into reality an extraordinarily volumetric space. "My inspiration drawn from the past, in any case, has not led to the reproduction of outdated designs. Rather, I wanted to build a home that would specialize in modern design and technology. And I guess that wish came true," – said Guilherme Torres.

A standard scenario was broken in every concept of the house. It has no windows or doors and looks like a country house large balcony Or a hidden shelter. The rooms are designed in a minimalist style. The furniture and individual interior details are in monochromatic tones ranging from gray to sandy. Roman influences are reflected in the creation of a beautiful waterfall at the entrance and some of the original paintings.

Villa Deca Residence Design
Villa Deca Residences design
Villa Deca Residence Design
Villa Deca Residence Design
Villa Deca Residence Layout
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