Creative life in the Stone Age or the original artist’s house, Andalucía, Spain

Today we will travel with an informative forum to the hot country of bullfighting, scorching sun and hot men, namely – Spain. Here, in one of the Spanish communities of Andalusia, among the highlands and open spaces, sits the cozy and rather simple-looking home of a solitary artist.

Mountain landscape surrounding the artist's house

One half of the building is reserved for the dwelling of the host, and the other half is exclusively for guests. Here, the second part of the house houses seven bedrooms, and surprisingly, each of them has an extra room with a restroom. From the inside, the walls of the rooms are whitewashed in dazzling white, thus maintaining natural light and saturating the rooms with extra light.

Antique sofa in the living room interior

Inside, just about everything screams of its singularity. The original arched passageways are a bit like the old earthen shelters that lacked doors. And perfectly shaped concrete ledges replace tables and possible shelves. They are used for decorative purposes and as bases for vases, books or statuettes.

An uneven whitewashed ceiling

Original bathrooms are made in the same style as the whole house. Only the washbasin is slightly different, showing off its immediate gray color. The faucet and taps are built into the wall, which looks very unusual. A towel rail is also present in each restroom.

Wooden table and armchair in the interior of the living room

The dining room is in a corner of the room. The only additional lighting here is Metal table lamp. Given the direction of her lampshade, we can say that the light aimed at the wall creates a lot more light due to its reflection from the white surface.
The kitchen is made rather simply. All the shelves – part of the house and are used to house the homemade stuff. The presence of firewood suggests that the food here is cooked over a natural fire. The only modern departure is the presence of a dresser made of luxurious dark wood with gilded handles and trim.

Colorful interior cushions for the outdoor patio
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