Extravagant family residence in Sharon by Nestor Sandbank – the charm of old Israel

For all the regular members of our portal “Beautiful Country House” discuss an incredibly luxurious villa located in a small agricultural community called Sharon.

This luxurious residence was the unique realization of the creative concept by architect Nestor Sandbank. It's not often you see such a magnificent creation in this residential neighborhood.

The project of interior design under tight financial constraints, but despite this, the master was able to recreate the house, which combines the incredible luxury and comfort. The buildings in the neighborhood exude old world inspiration and Israeli charm.

Modern interior design of a living room
Modern interior design of living room

The first floor of the house has a spacious living room, ergonomic kitchen and a large dining room. An airy and light atmosphere is created by the open plan living room and the use, for the most part, of glass, which allows as much natural light and excellent natural ventilation.
A stylish black staircase sculptured masterpiece leads to the bedrooms.

Sharon Residence Facade Glazing
Lounge by the pool
Wooden staircase to the second floor
The pool of a private residence in Sharon
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