Fashionable Boat House by Stephen Collier Architects is ready for new life, Sydney, Australia

This unique Boat House is located on LavenderBay, Sydney, Australia. The building looks like a comfortable steamboat ready to embark on a long voyage. The architects sought to preserve its original maritime flavor, adapting it for decent living conditions. Stephen Collier Architects, the design studio behind the renovation of this vintage property, describes its goals in bringing the project to reality as follows:

Residential neighborhood in Sydney

The bedrooms are on the quieter residential part, located on the shoreline. Above them a makeshift slit in the roof reveals the view across the waterfront cityscape, part of the Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House. Overall, the structure takes advantage of Sydney Harbour's unique abundance of light. The sun's rays streamed in through a window into the sky, then reflected off the carefully selected materials (glass tiles in the bathrooms, polished concrete flooring) onto the water surface of the bay. The nature of the whole building provided a unique set of challenges, both in terms of historical heritage and construction phases.

Dining Room

The whole process turned out to be drawn out, labor-intensive, but ensured the highest standards of detailing, construction. Moreover, maintaining such a high-profile status may have prevented the completion of the redevelopment of. Throughout, we had to continually seek approvals. The overall picture now inspires respect, reflecting the centuries-old traditions of this colorful property. At the same time is ideal for comfortable living for a family with a navigable past.

Reconstructed timber house
Wooden stairs in the mansion
A spacious mansion in Sydney
Tile mosaic in the bathroom
Magnificent view of Sydney
House plan
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