Gable Eichler’s unusual modern home, remodeled by Klopf Architecture, Burlingame, CA

Forum City offers its readers to get acquainted with the magnificent design, embodied in the architectural structure Gable Eichler.

The patio with a tree
Interior design of the living room
Interior design dining area
Interior design of the kitchen
Interior design of a Gable Eichler house in California
Interior design house Gable Eichler in California
Interior design of a Gable Eichler house in California
Interior design for Gable Eichler's California home
The Gable Eichler mansion in California

The house is located in the city of Burlingame of the San Francisco Peninsula, California, USA.

The owners of this masterpiece were obsessed with a dream: to renovate their home in a laconic style, making it more open and modern to live in as a family and live in for years to come. Whether they were able to turn their dream into reality is not for us to judge. However, we are given the opportunity to "walk around" this architectural structure and enjoy its unique design. 

The first thing that catches the eye is the original design of the roof gable, which is equipped with built-in lighting that provides illumination of the house at night. Glass facade walls give the exterior of the building a modern design. The interior of the house is realized in the style of high-tech: plain walls and floor perfectly combines with the simple geometric forms of furniture, without creating a single hint of the past. The room in the center of the house has no roof and is decorated with plants. A ornamental tree in the middle of the room adds a special touch to the mansion. 

Information provided by Klopf Architecture.

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