Gorgeous traditional style farmhouse project

The dining area on the terrace

An outbuilding built with reclaimed materials was added to the back patio.

The seating area on the terrace

There's also a log pile in front of the cottage, with logs for the fireplace and firewood.

An outdoor shower stall

The porch surrounds the structure on both sides of the house, where all family members and guests can enjoy outdoor activities, unhurried conversation and good times.

Kitchen interior design
Double-sided fireplace in living room
Interior design of the kitchen

Dining room is close to the kitchen. It is accentuated by a magnificent ceiling chandelier with numerous red lampshades.

Bedroom Interior Design

A sliding door in the boudoir hides the bathroom.

Bathroom interior design

Stairs to second floor of home Was completed with a metal railing with checkered ornaments. They do not visually clutter the space and fill the decoration with lightness and serenity.

Vintage Bathroom Sink

The family not only uses the mansion in summer, but also in winter.

Terrace sitting area

Interesting home design from Coburn Development in the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado, is a delightfully creative masterpiece. Beautiful location in a quiet village, rustic exterior, amazing and unparalleled vintage-inspired decor, vintage furnishings and exceptional accessories draw close attention and public interest.

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