Great design for a monolithic house with glass walls and a rooftop pool

Surrounded House exterior in Peru

One of them was to create a sense of space, brightness, transparency and airiness of the building. The client also insisted on a clear separation between the private and common areas, so that each of the residents could have his own space if necessary.

As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the most organic to look here would be a building with the shape of the land. On the first floor of the villa they placed the common rooms, that is, the living room, the dining room and the study. Extending panoramic windows as if blurring the boundary between the street and the house, the lawns around the villa become an integral part of the interior and the exterior. The original solution was to have a barbecue area and a swimming pool on the roof of the house.

Courtyard Surrounded House
Surrounded House Interior
Terrace on the roof of Surrounded House
Artificial pond on the patio
Kitchen interior of a Surrounded House
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