Great design project of a modern home in the Scandinavian style

Laconic single-story mansion, styled in a somber black style, looks rather stark. A flat land and a small forest nearby.

Trend Summer House exterior

The large glass doors are wide open and invite you in.

Covered terrace Trend Summer House

The interior of the house is exceptionally natural and close to nature, no small rooms or walls. Everything is open.

The interior of the Trend Summer House living area

Pretty little country details like candles, low lamps or fur capes make this home a cozy little country retreat that you wish you could return to again and again.

Kitchen interior with dining area at Trend Summer House

Irregular ceilings give this one-story house great prospects. It's bright and spacious. Lots of windows and light wood – it's certainly a good option.

Interior design Trend Summer House

Even on summer evenings it can get chilly and the fireplace is just right. Making a fire and enjoying the warmth and the beauty of the fire is easy, but so satisfying.

Interior design Trend Summer House

To have a sauna or a bathhouse on one's property is a good tone. If it's a modern electric sauna adjacent to the bathroom. Very comfortable and functional.

Rest area in the Trend Summer House

Pleasant lighting and light finish will keep the room even on the wintest and bleakest day a bright and warm place.

Trend Summer House Exterior
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