Hadley Wood’s amazing new home

The design of the lounge area of the Hadley Wood home in London

Designer's choice

After researching a list of decor professionals in the local database, Sarah Pritchard of The House Clinic was chosen.

The owners liked the modern, but not minimalist style in which she was used to working. This style had to fit in the new family nest.

A beautiful mirror in the interior of a Hadley Wood home in London

Creative solutions

Compatibility with existing furniture was a major criterion for the decorations. It was decided to leave the color scheme in the living room unchanged, but to make contrasting accents on several elements.

The conservatory was left in the same reddish-brown hues that already existed in the kitchen and living room.

An interesting composition of an unusual constellation-like mirror and an ornate narrow table in the hallway.

The decor of the bedroom walls, unlike the rest of the house, used predominantly light colors. It helped to push the boundaries of color and texture of the entire apartment. And the result exceeded the wildest expectations!

Bright mirror design in the interior of Hadley Wood house in London
Paintings on the wall in the interior of the Hadley Wood house in London
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