Incredible design project of a cantilever house on stilts

The unique Seagrape residence with a total area of 279 square meters has been designed and realized by the studio's talented professionals and designers Traction Architecture. It is located in the town of Anna Maria Florida, USA, And her engineering project was completed in 2013.

The unusual design of the house has a three-storey construction, with a unique pitched roof and a fantastic exterior that fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The façade of the building is in a neutral peach color palette, perfectly matched with a variety of window openings of different shapes and stunning balconies.

The silhouette of the house is shaped like a physical anchor

A megaphone-shaped deck extends outward from the volume of the building to amplify the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Fine details such as lines of aluminum on the west, inlaid in the concrete floor, and carvings in the exterior cypress wall cladding triangulate the structure's position across the Gulf of Mexico toward the cities of Tulum and Veracruz, which represents a bow toward distant civilizations.

The cottage has a wedge-shaped outline, which was derived from the desire to achieve volumetric and thermal efficiency while maximizing views of the bay. The bedrooms have been envisioned as spaces of quiet respite with cypress built-in modules framing the sea and facilitating contemplative exploration.

Photovoltaic panels in the decor of the facade of the house provide the bulk of the home's energy needs. It's also worth noting that this residence is the first LEED Platinum certified cottage on Anna Maria Island.

Metal staircase with handrails

The area in front of the building has a concrete terrace for sunbathing with a small miniature modern art swimming pool, in which all residents can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time on the picturesque coast. Wedge-shaped design allows him to seamlessly complement the exterior of the building.

Concrete deck for sunbathing

Another balcony on the upper deck. It has an unusual geometric shape and allows you to enjoy a picturesque and expressive landscape, sitting in a cozy chair. Complements the architectural appearance of the steel perforated fence, which with its concise and unpretentious execution does not violate the integral visual appearance of the building.

Designer lettering on the wall

Climbing up to the second floor is also possible by an elevator with translucent glass panels, which ensures high functionality and practicality of the cottage. This space houses the main social and public areas, which are particularly aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable.

The decoration was made in the style of minimalism, which manifests itself in the absence of excessive decorative elements and furniture set. The design of the walls of the house was made in white shades, optically expanding the area, as well as in harmony with the concrete floor surface.

Kitchen in minimalist style

The kitchen furniture set was clad in brushed wood fronts and a ceramic black worktop that makes a lasting impression on guests and family members. Dining Room Designer Table Complemented by concise chairs with multicolored plastic seating.

Creative partitions with raw stucco

The stairway to the second floor is lined with textured wood on the steps and elegant metal beads, which blend in beautifully with the overall styling of the space.

A window in the ceiling

The bedrooms have been placed on the second and third levels, allowing them to fit into the interesting layout of the apartment. Stunning window decor Decorates the interior and adds originality and authenticity. A large opening was complemented by a couch for reading and enjoying the scenery, and a small – allows you to contemplate the endless water surface while studying or working.

Furniture set of light massif

Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a comfortable design and modern plumbing.

Bathroom in the children's room

The following two photos show the detailed layout of the first and second level of the residence with the layout of the rooms and the main structural elements.

Detailed second level layout

The interesting design of the Seagrape home by Traction Architecture is a unique architectural design of a family residence on the Gulf Coast, which has an exceptional silhouette, functional form and comfortable content.

The detailed layout of a family residence
Detailed satellite layout of the family residence
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