Industrial design of a two-storey house in harmony with nature

Wicker chairs on the terrace

The building consists of three platforms that change the natural slope towards the creek. The first is a place for guests, the second is a private room and the third encloses the pool and the barbecue area. This structure allows you to freely use all the necessary resources of the house.

A striking example of clever landscaping that links the entire space together. The modern house is built according to the concept: optimization and maximum performance of common materials, which must be used rationally.

A metal cladding on the outside and wood decoration on the inside create a contrast of industry, harmony of space and contemplation of the mountain landscape. The steel and concrete slab construction is complemented by quality insulated panels. An architectural object like this will probably impress a lot of people.

One floor view from the street gives a great view of the surrounding mountains and the natural creek in the background.

MIL HOUSE Courtyard
Lounge area on the terrace of the MIL HOUSE
Sliding glass doors on the terrace
Wooden Wall Finishes at the MIL HOUSE
Glass doors to the terrace of the MIL HOUSE
Sliding glass doors to the terrace
Sliding glass doors to the courtyard
MIL HOUSE floor plan
Floor plans of a MIL HOUSE
Floor plans of a MIL HOUSE
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