Interesting design of a rustic house

New life of old things in the author's house project

Builders combined two buildings, the 1755 stable and the hayloft. The result is a wonderful house with rustic elements.

Wooden uneven beams in the author's home project
Designer home project: milk bottles instead of vases
A small kitchen in dark colors in the author's house project

A couple dreamed of a house in which all family members live under one roof, but do not embarrass each other. Ideally it should be close to Paris and be a quiet and safe place for children.

Wooden worktop in the kitchen of a custom home project
Wooden beams are an organic detail of the living room in the author's house project

The owner of the house is the owner of a small online store Le Repere des Belettes. Her passion for vintage and retro can also be felt in the new house. In the kitchen, you'll find an old bird feeder turned into a fruit stand and an unwanted window turned into a mirror.

By combining vintage and antique pieces with modern, simple elements, the designer creates an amazing balance between old and new.

House project by Sebastian Irarrazaval: neutral colors in the interior

Old army crates, chairs, and school desks, carefully cleaned, sanded, polished and painted in pleasing colors, got a second life.

Vintage bed in children's bedroom in author's home project
Unusual shuffle chair in the author's home design
Decor on white walls in the author's home project
The walls in the room of wood in the author's home project

What did you like best about the interior of this home? Beautiful wooden beams or textured touches?

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