Interesting design of a three-storey villa with luxurious interior

Evening illumination of S Villa Mansion #29

The interior finishes are smooth lacquered surfaces with an almost mirror-like sheen that allows you to use a minimum of lighting fixtures, while getting the maximum effect.

Decorations in warm colors form a home-like cozy atmosphere. There are inserts of expensive wood, which makes the design more calm and even. For a change, some walls are decorated with interesting prints in line with national motifs, they keep the traditional direction in decor.

S Villa Mansion Design #29
Design of S Villa Mansion #29

Exquisite stairs provide for movement between floors, and the materials used for its construction, including expensive marble, thick glass and a metal frame, are preferred.

S Villa Mansion Design #29
S Villa Villa interior design #29
S Villa #29 interior design for the living room

Behind a small partition is a comfortable kitchen, pleasing to the eye with predominance of natural materials and textures, warm colors, modern built-in appliances. The image of this area is casual and at the same time perfect and flawless. Careful attention to colors, lines and transitions allowed to create a perfect picture.

S Villa mansion design #29

The holy of holies – the master bedroom, here the home textiles can be safely considered the main accent. Presented with weightless tulle, elegant satin curtains and beautiful bed decoration. The curtains on the windows look special because the glazed areas themselves are arranged unusually.

Two-level construction allows maximum natural light to enter during the day and in the evening by opening the light fabric, you can admire the enchanting starry night sky. The room has a small attic extension, designed for work or quiet leisure time with a fascinating book.

This room is equipped with storage systems that merge with the wall line, built-in closets allow ergonomic use of space.

S Villa Mansion bedroom interior design #29

We introduced you to a beautiful house in India where interior with national features Closely intertwined with today's current trends. The perfect combination of traditional prints, glossy surfaces, bright lighting and luxurious furnishings captivates with their flawlessness and proper design.

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