Luxurious design “House of Garcia” by Worm Architects – a stylish fortress in the center of the city, Cancun, Mexico

Especially for our regulars, Forum City presents a review of an absolutely incredible house from Worm Architects, located in the mysterious and exotic Mexican city of Cancun.

The architects proposed a project “House of Garcia” for a couple without children. The aim was to create the most cozy and beautiful space on a limited plot of land, taking into account the wishes of the young customers. All questions that arose during the design process were successfully resolved.

The building is only 273 meters long2 in a fast-growing residential area of the city. On the north and west sides are other structures, while to the east and south it is surrounded by wildlife. The creators have worked enthusiastically on combining the landscape with the interior.

Garcia House
Garcia House. Pool

The yard is fenced, which spares the occupants from prying eyes, creating a sense of privacy and protection. And the flowers add a touch of the exotic.

Garcia House. Recreation Area

The beautifully executed interior design gives the owners the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and spend unforgettable time with each other. And direct access to the pool is especially valuable during the scorching heat of the sun or the intimate setting.

Garcia's house
House of Garcia. Stairs to the second floor

With the addition of various special materials the color of the concrete was played up, which allowed to bring colorful shades in the decor of the walls of all rooms[/FONT]. Since the young couple has no children, an open space was created, which was given functions such as a staircase without a railing on the lower landing and a view from the second floor.

The Garcia House. Bedroom

Upstairs is the bedroom, bathroom and shower. Large windows allow you to admire the flower garden and the smoothness of the pool. A warm floor color in the bedroom makes a great distinction between the recreational and the sanitary area, which is designed in a white tone.

House Garcia. Bathroom
Garcia's house
Garcia House
House Garcia

The night scene, both inside and out, is brought to life by the right lighting, which highlights the beauty of nature and combines it with the design of the house.

The strategy of this interesting work was to increase the perspective from the west side, merging the landscape with the architecture, which the professionals completely succeeded in realizing.

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