Modern, cozy Japanese maple mansion in Melbourne. Design by Andrew Maynarden

More than once at Forum City we see interesting buildings. Check out this innovative home. Andrew Maynarden came up with the idea and it was immediately put into practice. The material used to create the house is old Japanese maple. Look at the beautiful combination of noble wood and glass!

The Melbourne Mansion Terrace
Patio by the Melbourne Mansion
Light wood furniture in the dining room
Interior of a small comfortable dining room
The interior of the dining room with access to the courtyard
Glass walled work nook

The upper part of the house houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, which are finished in maple. The presence of wooden elements in the interior allows the rooms to radiate warmth and look organic. Semi-minimalism and classic design combine to give a fresh and unconstrained look. The architect was able to create a comfortable atmosphere and inside, using a practical and modern approach.

White bed in a bright bedroom
A tall mirror in a bedroom
Live wood in the house
Red tile in shower
The vegetation outside the Melbourne mansion
The road outside a mansion in Melbourne
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