Modern home technology: Breaking stereotypes

Modern home design - Side view

Unusual exterior of a house of the future: the Flexhouse

Flexhouse was built in March 2016, designed by Swiss architect and design studio Evolution Design. This four-story, 173-square-foot building. On the first floor of the house – living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the second floor is a spacious studio and two terraces. The house has a basement, underground garage and cellar. The house has a stunning view of the lake.

Modern home technology: view from the street-2

Flexhouse. Exterior

Ground Floor Interior of a Designer Home
Interior of the first floor of a design house - kitchen
The interior of the first floor of Design House 3

Windows or walls?

The most impressive part of the house is the top floor with terraces. Because the walls are made of huge monolithic glass, the view is breathtaking.

The terrace of the design house
Interior of the second floor of the design house - bedroom 2

If you feel like being alone

Despite such an unusual design, the Flexhouse was created for ordinary life. For its construction very practical, environmentally friendly materials and advanced technology were used, such as warm concrete floors, which are heated by a geothermal heat pump.

Interior of the second floor of the design house - bathroom

Flexhouse. Bathroom

And some more photos of the interior of this unusual house in the evening light and drawings of the original structure.

The interior of the designer home - twisted staircase-2
Modern House Technologies - Project
Modern Home Technology - Project 3
Technology for Modern Homes - Project-5
Modern Home Technology - Project 7

So, are you impressed with the technology of modern homes? Would you want to live in a house like this?? We are waiting for your feedback.

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