Modern minimalist private residence

A popular forum today found an exquisite dream home in Germany, designed by the design firm Architekten Wannenmacher+Möeller.

White facade of a modern residence
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Modern Residence Design
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Evening illumination of the facade of a modern residence
Evening landscape lighting in front of a modern residence

This detached A family home of five people erected in 1999 on a plot of about 2,000 square meters in the respectable residential neighborhood of Weinheim on Bergstrasse. The snow-white building has three levels and a panoramic view of the adjacent garden.

Non-standard arrangement of separate blocks reminds something of a toy-transformer. Indeed, some elements come forward, others seem to be pushed inside. The 800 square foot structure is perfectly integrated into the small slopes along some of its walls. On the southwest side, the ground floor protrudes into the courtyard to such an extent that the roof above it forms a "roof" lovely terrace. It is easily accessible directly from the spacious living room, combined with an elegant dining room. By the way, the interior design is made in a minimalist style, the pastel tone of which creates a sense of purity and spaciousness.

Interesting idea of the architects – contrast Building exterior design, which is clad in crystal-clear glass, shimmering aluminum and light natural stone. It should be noted that, at the request of the client, the facade facing the street is mostly closed from uninvited onlookers. But the view on the other side is gorgeous. Once you've been here you don't want to look any further.

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