Oak structures growing on the floor and ceiling – Tony Zhang’s natural house by Playze, Shanghai, China

Kitchen and restaurant interior design
Natural materials in the interior of the private house
Interior design of a private house in China

Tony Zhang was trying to emphasize the contrast between his brainchild and its neighbors, made of non-natural materials. The main component of the finish is oak, which gives a warm touch to the facade and creates a more tranquil atmosphere in the room itself.

The central staircase is designed so that it can easily be used for events, such as presentations, fashion shows and check-in. The restaurant and private dining rooms are adjacent to it. The design of the natural products store was also incorporated into the building concept.

Unusual external finishing of the building

The oak cubes seem to grow right out of the floor, walls and ceiling and can be moved around as needed. The fourth floor is for receiving VIP clients. An open kitchen allows you to demonstrate the cooking process right in front of the guests.

After dinner, you can enjoy the view of the Huangpu River from the large terrace, the size of which also allows you to relax. The building was originally not designed to be shaded by the sun and thus prevent a rise in temperature.

The building's unusual exterior

But in the end, a so-called "shadow" system of two-layer matter was created. Each layer contains 46 strips that can rotate in such a way as to ensure and prevent internal overheating while not blocking the view from the window. It's worth noting that this design is more of a handmade leather product than anything artificial. Continuing the idea, here the owner again focuses on the naturalness of his home.

The facade of an unusual building in China
The facade of an unusual building in China

The position of each panel group is individually adjustable. The background lighting of the interior elements is a thing of particular pride for Tony Zhang, because it doesn't allow you to see anything from the street, but leaves the possibility to see everything that's going on from the inside.

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