Original design for a luxurious country house with glass walls

Evening Lights Private House in England

The home is situated near a lake and surrounded by lush, picturesque nature. The structure itself is built on the ruins of an old house. It was, in fact, the foundation.

It was a good decision because the area is prone to flooding. In this way, the architects created the appropriate height to avoid flooding the base of the new building.

Front of the Private House in England

The structure itself has a rectangular shape, and its open floor plan blurs the thin line between the environment and the interior space.

For privacy purposes, the windows are covered with special shields that can easily change their positions.

Evening lights on the terrace and pool of Private House in England
Sliding glass doors Private House in England

Near the house you will not see the usual fences, which only block the view of the landscape. All the rooms are placed so that the windows offer a picturesque view of the surroundings.

The interior is decorated in natural colors and textures, complemented by an unusual brick wall, decorated with shelves and niches.

Private House kitchen and dining room design in England

The kitchen is integrated with the common space of the dining room, living room and other areas. Modern and elegant residential house built in a very picturesque place: the river on one side and the picturesque forest on the other.

The luxurious interior design shows how much people appreciate aesthetics and naturalness.

Evening lighting of Private House in England

Photos courtesy of Peter Guthrie.

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