Original design of a 3 family house in a modern style

In today's piece we will tell you about the fantastic urban cottage Hunter Street, which was designed and realized by a team of decorators from the design studio ODR Architects. Let's take a look at the amazing conceptual design and philosophy of the reconstruction of the structure.

A sun terrace on the roof of Hunter Street Cottage

Between the three unique buildings, dressed in a metal ribbed facade, are arranged thin long balconies, which perfectly connect the interior space with the urban environment and fresh air. The flooring is deckboard, and small spotlights illuminate the cozy nook.

Sliding glass doors in Hunter Street cottage

On the first floor between the buildings there are also recreation areas, designed in a rich, dark hue palette. The green plants and colorful ornamental pillows make these corners especially cozy and warm.

The spacious lobby at Hunter Street Cottage

Guest lounge on the second floor is designed in a serene relaxing style. The walls and ceiling are finished in a white hue that works wonderfully with the light colored textured wood flooring. Dazzling system of lighting is performed in this apartment by spot ceiling lights, cozy floor lamp and natural sunlight, which comes in through the opening on the ceiling.

Guest lounge on the second floor of Hunter Street Cottage

An open floor plan connects the guest salon with the kitchen area, from which it is separated by a small functional partition.

Kitchen area in Hunter Street cottage

The original design method dividing the window surface into two parts – glass and mirror – perfectly emphasizes the general conceptual idea of the interior and adds even more drama and expressiveness to the kitchen.

Kitchen area at Hunter Street Cottage

The small dining area is represented by a round creative table, a fantastic chair and two stools on three legs.

Hunter Street Cottage dining room

Abstract mural paintings in gentle, romantic colors beautifully decorate the partition wall that separates the guest room from the kitchen.

Functional staircase for access to the roof

It can be folded or positioned as required.

Stairs to second floor of Hunter Street Cottage

The serene theme is continued by the décor of the bedrooms, against which the colorful furnishings and decorations look rich.

Interior design of the bedroom at Hunter Street Cottage

The interesting design of Hunter Street house by ODR Architects is an excellent example of how the living space and exterior of the house can be changed by using the original form and unusual design.

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