Private residence by CWS Architects: stunning renovation, New York, USA

Especially for friends of Forum City there is still a timely message: in 2010 was completed the project CWS Architects "Private Residence", the subject of development which is located in Cooper Square, New York, USA.

A private residence in New York City

The design was made in collaboration with the Italian firm Lissoni Associati. Completely new interior finishes and structural changes were included in the renovation. The cantilevered stone staircase and stone floor and the wood-burning fireplace creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living room – these are the main elements of the project. The room is more spacious and modern. In general, the coloring of the altered space has a touch of modern art, and the designer adds “soft”tones of natural wood.

A private residence in New York. Interior

The rooftop terrace has also changed. The architects made the flooring with wood, which makes the guests and owners feel comfortable during their stay. The barbecue area was custom made of stone and wood. And the dining table with folding awning and whirlpool tub fit perfectly into the design. Plants also play an important role in the interior of this area. They are chosen so as to create a garden environment – so to speak, detachment from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A private residence in New York. Dining Room
New York private residence
A private residence in New York. Stairs to the second floor
A private residence in New York
A private residence in New York. Bathroom
A private residence in New York
New York Private Residence

According to CWS Architects, $2.5 million was spent on the renovation of this penthouse, but the result was well worth it.

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