Real modern in the stylish interior of the luxury home

Apartments in the style of medieval art nouveau are a private residence, designed and implemented by a talented master architect Maxime Jacquet. The bright and colorful project was completed in 2014, and is located in the city Beverly Hills California, USA. The cottage is located in a vibrant neighborhood surrounded by numerous neighboring structures, exotic greenery and comfortable pool area with turquoise blue. Welcomes family members and guests with an original hallway and hallway in contrasting black and white. Complementing the decoration is a stunning finish of the floor surface, made with textured wood in a dark tone. In the epicenter of the room is a unique composition in the form of a fantastic table, organized using the trunks of a tree. On top of it there is a ceramic vase with snow-white orchids, which gives the atmosphere a special charm and freshness. The palace on the floor imitates a zebra skin, which looks original and exceptional in this interior.

Hallway interior design

The spacious guest lounge is styled in a modern and fancy way. Facing the walls was carried out with snow-white paint, which perfectly harmonizes with the ceiling finish and contrasting floor surface. Lounge area features several sofas and fabric upholstered chairs in a sparkling metallic hue. They are located along the perimeter of the room, forming a comfortable and comfortable area for unhurried communication, fun activities and a pleasant pastime in the company of friends or relatives. Six rugs in the form of a skin with a high fluffy pile add a special coziness to the room, they fill the atmosphere with hospitality and friendliness. Original black and white paintings decorate the light decoration of the walls, and modern floor lamps with multicolored lampshades brighten up the interior.

Cottage interior design in California

One of the walls is decorated in an unusual manner. The middle of the composition is taken by pearl yellow mosaic tiles, flanked by black panels. One of them has an inscription on it with pink LED ribbons "And I Said I Love You.". This design technique has given the room a special sensuality and modernity, which reflects well the specifics of Medieval Art Nouveau. A fantastic chandelier with unusual lamps adds some eccentricity to the interior.

California Cottage Interior Design

Exquisite black and white flowing drapes perfectly cover the room on a hot summer day from the scalding sunlight. In addition, they beautifully decorate the guest lounge and support the design of the passageway area in the house.

Interior design of a cottage in California

The coffee tables in the living room have different heights and sizes of table tops, so they make it possible to form a fantastic asymmetrical composition in the decoration.

Interior Design of a Cottage in California

The dining area is decorated in an eccentric and colorful stylistic. The walls are finished in a light brown color with various iconic words in light paint. The floor surface is tiled with milky ceramic tiles in perfect harmony with the design, creating a calm and serene atmosphere that is perfect for festive meals or family dinners. Unique furnishings, paintings and decorations give this space an individuality and eccentricity. Above the dining room unusual table A fantastic chandelier with an original ceiling in the form of an airy rose.

Designer furniture set

The picture on the wall depicts the girl among the turquoise waves of the ocean, which emphasizes the stunning climate and lifestyle of the American state of California.

Interior Design Dining Room

Decorating the headset modern art Elements in the form of unique vases, chemical flasks and amazing chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the form of bunches of grapes with round snow-white plafonds.

Bedroom interior design

Four beach-themed photos above the bed. They are in perfect harmony with the cheerful and colorful design of the cozy boudoir. Nightstands, lamps, and doors make up the symmetrical composition of the room.

Interior design of a cottage in California

The bright niche is decorated with stepped tables, on which rise unusual elements and decorative details, bringing an eccentric atmosphere to the boudoir.

Table with drawer

Interesting house design from the author Maxime Jacquet is a perfect example of how you can transform and decorate your own apartment in the style of medieval art nouveau, which gives the house an incredible comfort, serene comfort and special functionality.

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